What Is A Paydex?

What Is A Paydex?

A Paydex is a score given to a business by Dun & Bradstreet.

Dun & Bradstreet is a businesses credit reporting agency. They collect information on and sell reports and credit scores for every business almost everywhere in the world. The credit score given by Dun & Bradstreet to show how timely a business pays his bills is called a Paydex score.

Dun & Bradstreet collect this information from banks credit agencies and businesses both on the national and local levels. They gather and manipulate this information to compile reports on which businesses pay or don’t pay their vendors on time.

The higher your Paydex score is, the better your payment history is with Dun & Bradstreet. If you’re Paydex is 80 or higher you have a phenomenal business credit score and should have no problem getting approved by vendors for lines of credit, credit cards, loans and equipment for your business. (Age and other factors play a role, but from a computer generated approval for example, on small ticket purchases, you should not have a problem.)

Let’s pick an example.

Say I want a line of credit with the Home Depot. I go to the store or online to their website-and then go to the business credit card tool. I then choose the revolving business credit line. After entering all the information they request someone from Home Depot’s credit department will take a look at my business credit file. While my file might be fairly new or empty or activity, there are certain things they will want to see to make sure that this request for credit is coming from a legitimate business and not from a half hatched, home based, Italian ice selling enterprise.

What makes a business legitimate in the eyes of Vendors and Suppliers?

Although businesses can be home-based and be legitimate, as many are, and although businesses can be based at major corporate buildings and still get not be legitimate and only using the address as a “front”, there are several things that a credit analyst for a company as well as unrest to themselves would look at to see the likelihood of this business applying for credit is, in fact, a legitimate business entity.

The first thing a vendor will look for is- does the business have a listing with 411? Another is, how many square feet does the business have? Is that amount of square footage realistic for the type of business that this business claims to be and for the type and amount of credit it’s applying for? Is the business based out of a P.O. Box or mailboxes etc. type location? If it is, did the customer Claim that that is the physical location of the business itself?

The Vendors software will figure out based on the information they have on your firm certain warnings to watch out for and certain things which they would want to verify regarding your business before extending credit to you.

Here’s a tip: when you buy products from the companies that grand credit easily for example NEBS, Uline, or other such companies that grant credit easily to new and unknown businesses; make sure you pay them as soon as possible. You should even consider paying them before you get the bill. As soon as the product arrives – Pay.

This is because, unlike your personal credit score which is not affected as long as you pay on time by the due date, your Paydex score changes based on the number of days it took you to pay your invoice. That means that if your bill is due in 21 days (net 21) or in 30 days (known as net 30) and you paid on day 21 your Paydex score would probably be something around 80 if that were the only thing affecting the score because you paid on the date it was due.

If you paid a few days after the date due, your business credit score would probably be something around 75. However if you paid several days before the date due your credit score will be higher and closer to 85 or even 90.

Having a 411 listing in the directory as a business is of utmost importance. Experience shows that the success or failure of a new and/or home based business and the likelihood of the business failing is directly connected to the amount of energy and investment the owners put into starting it. When the owner doesn’t have much invested when a business is home-based, the company will still have a certain comfort level in seeing that you went and got a business phone line are not just using a personal phone line as a business to save a couple of dollars every month.

Even if you’re not listed in the Yellow Pages itself which may charge money for a basic listing, the fact that when they call your local Directory Assistance (411) they can verify that it is a business. Having the phone number as a business phone line shows that you have, in fact, done the steps necessary to be a business which is here to stay, even though you are based from home. They would feel comfortable that you will sweat out the tough beginnings of starting a company because you invested your money, your time, and your energy into making the business stand on its own two feet.

But what happens if you have a payment due and you can’t pay on time?

It is imperative that if you have a payment due and you cannot pay on time, that you contact the vendor and make alternate arrangements before the payment is due. This is because your Payment Pattern at D&B, in addition to your Paydex, will change in a yearly if Dun & Bradstreet’s model feels that you are less likely to pay your bills on time in the future.

Having a low Paydex score will significantly reduce your access to credit. If you’re Paydex is currently under 70, you should focus and work diligently to raise your Paydex to 75 or even better, to 80 or above before applying or seeking new credit for your business. Be its equipment leasing, vendor credit lines, or even a business partnership with another business, since many other businesses will check your Duns Report and Paydex score before doing any partnership with you. Also note that your competition can and many times do buy your Business Credit Report from D&B. and any information you provide them with on their website or if they call you up, will be reported on your profile and potentially quite easily to your competition.

Dun and Bradstreet is not a government agency. It is a private, profit-making enterprise, which must be dealt with carefully to get the benefits from and yet avoid the pitfalls of them using your information against you.

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voip michigan

voip michigan

VoIP Michigan, Providing Great Quality Communications Solution

The state of Michigan is one of the most preferred locations by most Americans to retire or to raise a family. In this state, you can expect finding the job you want, finding good schools and educational benefits for your children, and it is also a place where everyone can enjoy.

Michigan is famous for the Great Lakes. Because the state is situated next to it, you can enjoy great boating experience with your family. This state is also famous for fishing. So, if you enjoy boating and fishing, the State of Michigan is the place you would probably want to live in.

In Michigan, VoIP is now readily available. If you live in Michigan, and you already have an active high speed internet connection, you too can avail of the VoIP services. First of all, you need to understand what VoIP is and how you can benefit from it.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is sometimes referred to as Internet Voice. This particular tool is very much like your conventional landline telephone. However, unlike your conventional landline telephone, VoIP will be able to provide better quality and cheaper communication with your family, friends and your business associates.

One great feature of VoIP is that long distance and overseas calls are much cheaper than conventional landline phones. In fact, when you compare a 5 minute overseas call from a conventional landline phones to a VoIP phone, you will see that the overall cost in the call made from VoIP is only a fraction of what you will spend on conventional landline phones.

Another feature of VoIP is that it offers features, which you would consider as additional features in conventional landline phones, as standard features. Features, such as three-way calling, caller ID, return call, call waiting, audio conferencing, and video conferencing are provided as standard features in VoIP. This means that you will never pay a single cent to use these services unlike in conventional landline phones where they will charge extra for each of the features mentioned.

As you can see, VoIP can definitely give you a lot of value for your money. In fact, VoIP offers are so affordable that some people consider it as too good to be true. If you want to take advantage of VoIP and have one in your own home, you can consider calling your nearest VoIP service provider in your area and inquire about their services.

Today, there are quite a few VoIP service providers existing in Michigan today. If you live in the State of Michigan, you should consider subscribing to one of these service providers in order to use VoIP right in the comforts of your own home or in your business in Michigan.

Here are the different VoIP service providers existing in Michigan today:

• Packet8 VOIP Michigan
• Sunrocket Michigan
• Iconnecthere Michigan
• MyPhoneCompany Michigan
• Vonage Michigan
• Verizon VoiceWing VOIP

All these companies offer great VoIP services and offer it at a very low monthly fee. Some of these companies offer an IP phone for free or you can purchase one at their company if you need additional IP phones.

Michigan also takes advantage of the E911 feature for VoIP. The Enhanced 911 feature is the solution for emergency calls made through VoIP phones. The state of Michigan is now pressuring VoIP service providers to have this feature integrated in their VoIP system.

Depending on your DSL connection in Michigan, VoIP will work very effectively and efficiently. So, if you plan on getting VoIP for your home or for your business, you should consider checking your DSL connection first and determine if it is able to provide quality service to avoid low quality transmission and reception of VoIP data signals through the internet.

So, if you want a phone that is able to offer great value for your money, or if you want a phone system that offers very low rates for long distance and overseas calls, VoIP will be able to provide you with this service. In Michigan, VoIP is now readily available. All you have to do is call the company that appeals to you most and also the company where a lot of people are subscribed in. A VoIP service provider with a lot of subscriber means free calls and also means that it is trusted by a lot of people.

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voip phone companies

voip phone companies

How to compare VoIP phone companies and deals

When you are subscribing VoIP service, you can have access to the world for a lesser cost without compromising the call quality. Moreover, you can also enjoy the features offered by VoIP phone companies which are not possible with the regular analog phone.

There are few things to know about the VoIP system. The operation is simple and largely similar to the traditional telephone.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is also referred as the broadband phone. It uses the vast power of high speed internet to transmit your voice by converting it to digital signals which will be processed by the computer software. The software will be provided by the VoIP phone company.

VoIP services can be classified as either phone-based or computer-based. When using the traditional phone, it must be connected to an adapter to make or receive calls. On the other hand, you will also need a microphone and the software to make calls with your computer.

Contrary to the traditional telephone, when you make a call through your VoIP phone, your call is manipulated through the high speed internet connection and not on copper wires. In this manner, you get faster access and better call quality.

The advantage of availing VoIP services is that you can take it with you when even when traveling as long as you have the adapter with you and there is an active internet connection. In this manner, you can make and receive calls as if you are in your business place or at home. Plus, you won’t be charged for an additional fee for this convenience.

To make a call, simply dial the number through your VoIP phone just like when placing a call with the traditional landline. As with your computer, you make a call through your headset and microphone which are plugged into the computer. Most VoIP phone companies allow you to make calls to any local, international, long distance or mobile number.

When you have calls, the VoIP phone rings or the computer software will alert you.

The quality of voice when using the VoIP service can be abreast or even exceed the level of quality of the traditional landline. This will depend greatly on the quality and speed of your broadband connection so make a good choice of a partner company.

You might wonder, will it necessitate you to own a computer to avail of VoIP services? Well, you won’t have to. The VoIP provider provides the adapter, which is often free of charge and is used to connect the phone to the broadband. However, the computer is a helpful tool for you to utilize the additional features of your VoIP phone company.

There are differences in terms and services for every VoIP phone company so it is wise to read credible reviews. You will learn more about the company’s pros and cons straight from their subscribers.

When choosing a VoIP phone company, make sure that it will allow you to call even a regular phone network. Not all providers offer this. Also, make sure that you can enjoy the conference calling, a VoIP feature that allows you to speak to more than one person at a time.

Surely, your primary consideration is the call rate which varies again with each provider. Anyhow, VoIP has comparatively low long distance rates compared to the same call placed through the analog phone. Additionally, there are also VoIP providers that offer free and unlimited long distance calls.

To help you decide on which provider you will subscribe, VoIP companies offer a trial service for a month. This means that you will not be tied up to the conditions within 30 days plus the guarantee to return your money if they don’t meet your needs.

There are basically six plans to choose from. They are as follow:

• Home
• Business
• International calls
• Computer to Phone
• Computer to Computer
• Cable phone service

Each plan has additional features to offer. Depending upon your preference and needs, choose the plan that suits you.

Always keep in mind that when choosing the provider to work with, your topmost concern should be the reliability and quality. Do not be hesitant to ask for information before signing up.

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